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Whether you are new to the system or new to your role, we have a variety of resources to ensure you are comfortable and confident using Benson Express. This resource center has everything you need to maximize your Express experience, including FAQs, How-To Guides, and a library of short video tutorials. Have additional questions? Contact your Account Team and we’re happy to assist. Happy designing from your team at Benson!

How to Log In 

  • Benson Express is a single-sign-on from the navigation menu of your Benson Marketing Store. Easily access using your existing username and password. No additional credentials are needed!
  • From the “Category” navigation menu, select “Benson Express” to log in
  • If your Benson account is suspended for non-payment, please note that the credit hold will also deactivate your Benson Express subscription until payment is received

Before You Begin 

The best way to understand it is to see it. Learn all about Benson Express in 3 minutes. 


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Video Tutorial Library

Watch and learn! Check out these short video tutorials to take your communication and design game to the next level. Select any image below to view our video tutorial library. 

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