What’s the Value in Setting Product and Process Standards in Marketing?

Setting standards on products and processes not only makes you more efficient, but also saves money and makes costs more predictable. I’ve found that every organization that invests in establishing product and process standards must provide its staff with clear guidance through one communication channel. All too often, companies make the investment in standards and processes but they quickly disseminate them through emails, training sessions, meetings, and  mandates. Don’t get me wrong, those are all effective methods. But, the most successful companies deliver standards to their teams through one single software system or platform that’s used frequently during the course of the work day by everyone.

Keeping standards then becomes second nature and easy for staff, instead of making them scatter for where to find the standards and/or how to use them. One software platform elevates visibility, enforces “controls” and provides one place to more easily and more quickly get the right things done the first time. This is a big challenge for multifamily marketers today; but can certainly be solved by implementing a CMP within their marketing operations.

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