How a Centralized Marketing Platform (CMP) Can Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy.

As experts in marketing operations, we recognize the challenges involved in promoting your communities.

From online listings to signage, t-shirts, and brochures, there are countless components to manage. While you may have your tactical approach under control, the sheer time and effort required to handle the execution details can be overwhelming, distracting you from strategic initiatives.

This is where a Centralized Marketing Platform (CMP) becomes invaluable. A CMP simplifies your day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on critical priorities like occupancy and resident retention. It streamlines the administrative tasks associated with marketing, enabling you to concentrate on strategic planning and creative processes. With tools like a Smart Store, purchasing guide, dedicated account team, and performance metrics, a CMP ensures you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time, saving you both time and money.

Here are five key ways a CMP can revolutionize your marketing strategy:

1. Volume Buying Power

Current Situation: Managing multiple vendors on a case-by-case basis drains your time and budget. Tracking numerous invoices to control marketing spend diverts attention from lead generation and occupancy maintenance.

CMP Advantage: Leverage volume buying power through a CMP to save time and money. Pre-negotiated prices for all marketing materials maintain consistent branding standards. For instance, with an annual marketing materials spend of $750,000, a CMP can yield a 15% savings.

2. Easing Turnover Challenges Current Situation:

Turnover is inevitable, and onboarding new managers is time-consuming, especially with dispersed templates and designers.

CMP Advantage: A CMP simplifies marketing execution for any manager through a single platform. This significantly reduces onboarding time, allowing new managers to focus on lead generation and increasing foot traffic more quickly.

3. Enhanced Control and Brand Consistency Current Situation:

Regional and Property Managers often spend excessive time on tactical administration, leading to inconsistent branding.

CMP Advantage: One-click ordering with preset templates personalized to each property saves time and staff costs. CMP tools are accessible to both regional managers and property managers, enabling broader control and improved brand consistency.

4. Supporting Acquisitions Current Situation:

Acquiring new properties and clients is crucial, but marketing managers are often overwhelmed with the conversion details.

CMP Advantage: A CMP efficiently creates and delivers all necessary marketing materials to support acquisitions, ensuring a quicker time to market and enhanced lead generation within new communities.

5. Eliminating Hidden Costs Current Situation:

Operating expenses rise as decentralized marketing systems incur hidden costs like setup fees, rush shipping, and lack of competitive bidding.

CMP Advantage: A single source for all marketing materials not only ensures brand consistency and reduces expenses through bulk prices but also increases quality and budget control, aiding in more effective budget planning.

Adopting a CMP can transform the execution of your marketing plans, boosting overall efficiency, increasing foot traffic, and enhancing demand for your properties, ultimately driving higher NOI.

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