2022 Newest Trends In Student Housing Promo

Benson works with student housing communities across the country serving hundreds of colleges and universities from lease-ups, to acquisitions and competitive markets. Each year, we seek out the top product trends in student promo. We have researched the hottest promotional items and trends in 2022 so that you don’t have to!

When it comes to student housing, we know students love collegiate pride and they love SWAG! A lot has changed over the years when it comes to the desires of what promo products college students want and will use. Gone are the days of cheap throw away items they won’t be caught using! Now, students are driven by trends, sustainability, retail-quality, and usefulness.

This year will be a focus of getting back to street teams, outreach, and good old fashion guerilla marketing on campus. Brand stimulating is all the rage with your student residents, prospects, and employees.

Our research is in for the products students are really wanting in 2022! These are not only the most Insta-worthy promo items, but these will surely create a buzz about how on-trend your community is while bringing students together!


  1. The Van Metro Sport Bottle

This vibrant bottle is the perfect way to display your brand while keeping your residents and prospects hydrated! The 22 oz. squeezable bottle is topped with a convenient flip-top cap and features an insulating neoprene sleeve to keep drinks cooler for longer.

  1. The Eco Friendly Tumbler

Made from naturally organic bamboo fiber, this 16 oz Tumbler and matching lid are eco-friendly and reusable. This item is one step closer to helping save the globe. Part of the proceeds will go to Project Aware, which helps rid our oceans of harmful debris. It features a sleeve and spill stopper.

  1. Tuck and Toss Bags

Reusable bags are all the rage! We offer a variety of styles and sizes including the most popular Medium size and Bubbles style. Both are made of sturdy Nylon Ripstop and can fold into a small pocket sewn inside, making it so easy to stowaway when they’re not being used! Bubbles is a drawstring style bag perfect to haul all the laundry to the wash, while the Medium style makes for the perfect tote bag on the go.

  1. The Ultralight Foldable Backpack

The perfect companion for outdoor activities and recreation! This compact backpack is extremely durable, light, and convenient. It is manufactured with water-repellent and tear-resistant material, perfect for day trips, travel, or school. Add your logo and choose from a variety of trendy colors!

  1. UFO Push Pop Bubble Keychains

The best for school stress! UFO Push Pop Bubble Keychains are toys made out of eco-friendly silicone that help relieve stress, anxiety, and ADHD in an easy-to-carry way. Attach to your keys, backpack, or lanyard!

  1. Jotter Pens

Pens, but make them trendy! These 3 packs of Jotter Pens can be customized to match your branding or campaign. Design the card the pens are held in with fun language, patterns, and logos and pick pen colors to match the theme.

  1. The Bermuda Cup

The perfect cup to bring your iced coffee in to campus! A pop of color really makes this reusable cup stand out among the rest. The Bermuda Cup features a silicone sleeve surrounding a clear cup with a matching colored straw.  A variety of color options are available.

  1. Tie-Dye Bucket Hats

The bucket hat trend is taking over Instagram, so make your brand stand out with these tie-dye options. These hats are perfect for pool days and Spring Break! Multiple color options are available, and you can complete the look by adding a fun saying, icon, or your logo that Benson stitches in house.

blue and green tiedye bucket hat 

  1. The Look At Me Laptop LED Light

A portable ring light? Yes, please! The Look At Me Laptop LED Light will have you in the spotlight at all times! It provides extra lighting to increase your visibility during online classes and will provide the perfect lighting for all your selfies. This rechargeable light has three different light settings and can clip to your phone or laptop.

  1. Scrunchies

Yes, they’re cool again! This retro trend is taking off and we are loving all the fun patterns and colors! Featuring a full-color sublimation imprint for beautiful branding, these lightweight ripstop nylon scrunchies won’t let you (or your hair) down.

Love what you see? We do too!

These items and more are now available for you to purchase on your Benson marketing promo store! Check out the 2022 Campus category today.

Order soon to stay on top of those trends!

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